Selling your home doesn't have to be a massive chore! With a few weekends, some sweat and a little bit of effort your home can be ready for the market!  

1. Clean, clean and more clean!  

          First impressions are still the most important. Sound cliche?  Its not!  When someone walks into your home, emotions are at least half of what sells someone, and emotions are affected by clutter, untidy yards and too many knick-knacks as much as your granite countertops!  Silver lining?  this costs nearly nothing!  Box up your extra decorations, keep your lawn mowed and those shoes put away.  

2. Dress it up!

          Next, it pays to stage up your home.  It doesn't take the finest furniture to make the right environment; just place enough pieces in the room that you can see the floors; give an idea about what fits in the room.  A simple nightstand, bed and a small dresser go a long way.  Staging your home doesn't mean you need to sterilize it, leave a few nice family pictures up on the walls, a couple decorations and maybe a nice throw on the couch. Still not sure what to leave or what to box up?  See number 3! 

3. Expertise

          Yes, I know you might consider selling that home by yourself.  But way before you even figure what that commission percentage would be on your home sale, consider this; over 90% of all home sales are done using a professional.  Realtors know the neighborhood, the market, trends, contracts, and negotiation tactics to work out what is most important to you; the right price, and a painless transaction.  There's a reason Time, Fox Business news, and Forbes all recommend using an agent with your most valuable asset.  

4. Get Smart!

          Lastly, before selling your home, make sure you have looked at your financial situation.  Estimate your equity based on your realtor's recommendations for listing price.  Talk with your accountant and investment planner for any unseen items you might be aware of in your specific situation, ESPECIALLY if you are not putting all your equity back into another home.  Make sure you understand what your next purchase will look like so you know how this will affect your monthly budgets.  

Selling your old home, and buying a new home can be a wonderful experience; just make sure you prepare right in the beginning!