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25 Reasons Why Your Elf on the Shelf Didn't Move

Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd began her Real Estate Career after being a stay at home mom a majority of her adult life.  In 2014, Amanda joined a local Brokerage ...

Amanda Todd began her Real Estate Career after being a stay at home mom a majority of her adult life.  In 2014, Amanda joined a local Brokerage ...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

Ok, real mommy moment time! I woke up today with the distinct feeling that I forgot to do something important.

Yup, I did. And that very important thing was that I forgot to move our very coveted Elf on the Shelf.

I know I'm not the first parent to do so! But man do I feel bad! These things just sometimes happen when you're a single parent of three with a full-time real estate career. Heck, these things happen to all us parents, regardless of your job. We're busy! And sometimes Mr. Elf is still on the shelf from yesterday.

Thankfully, my assistant came to the rescue and let me know that a much more savvy group of parents have written about some very clever, and frankly hilarious reasons why Elf hasn't moved since yesterday.

Some of you may have seen these ideas floating around on social media, but if you're like me and have not, these are for you!

I present the top 25 reasons why Elf on the Shelf hasn't moved:

1. He wanted to get in shape to travel to his next exciting location.

2. He had such a lovely view that he didn't want to move.

3. He decided to keep an extra close watch on you.(Slightly creepy but we will roll with it).

4. He was nice and cozy reading an elf book.

5. He was so hungry he wanted a midnight snack (if the Elf is in a kitchen/dining area).

6. He slept in.

7. He was scared because of pets in the house.

7. He got his foot stuck and needs help getting out.

8. He thought he heard reindeer on the roof early and didn't want to scare them.

9. Santa told him he could take some much needed time off.

10. He was taking an extra long nap because he's going to find an even better spot to be tomorrow.

11. He got an emergency call from Santa and will be back when they're home from school.

12. He was waiting for another elf friend who never showed up. (Insert lesson on keeping your word).

13. He is afraid of heights and was too scared to move.

14. Elfie really REALLY just likes this spot. I think he wanted to hang out for one more day.

15. It was too windy last night in the North Pole and Elfie decided to stay in our cozy house. He'll fly back to Santa tonight.

16. He's saving his magic up for something really cool tonight! (If you use this one, Do. Not. Let. Elfie. Slack.)

17. Elfie noticed that you misbehaved yesterday and wants to remind you that he only moves if you're good like Santa and Mommy need you to be.

18. He heard someone getting out of bed right when he was about to move. He was afraid that he would be caught, so he had to stay put! (You have to stay in bed so that he can move!)

19. Oh no! It looks like his leg/arm/tag is stuck. Let me pry him loose with a spoon.

20. Elfie will make the kids little green pancakes. If he forgot to move, we can say that it was because he just loved the pancakes too much to move.

21. He was sick last night – it looks like he might have a fever. Can you get a thermometer for me? I'll check.

22. We need to all go look together as a family. Let me run downstairs first to make sure that the blinds are open, first, so we can see him really well. (Buys you 1-2 minutes).

23. Elfie didn't move? Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure? (My personal favorite, yet we all know our kids will never buy this).

24. Elfie wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Congratulations, you win! (Insert some last-minute prize here.)

25. He didn't want to have to tell Santa that you _______ (threw a fit/ hit your brother/were mean to your sister/talked back to Mommy) yesterday. You're lucky he's giving you a second chance before reporting your Naughty List behavior.

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